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Appointment & Event Booking System

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Our online appointments & event booking software helps to simplify the process for your business and your customers. It helps your business to be more efficient, productive and agile. You no longer have to go keep a book or scribble in pieces of paper with booking appointments. The system is entirely customisable according to your business flow and needs. Manage your appointments, confirmations, reminders and payments all through a simple dashboard. The best part is it integrates with your website and is available 24 hours.

Can you imagine generating sales even when you shutters are closed? Customers can book and pay, find available slots, choose a particular service all at the comfort of their home, anytime of the day, anywhere in the world. It is also mobile friendly.

The online booking system automates part of your process, makes your business looks good and professional. Boost your sales and productivity by using our appointments and booking system.

 (Why would i want to automate my booking process?)


Appointment & Event BookingHere are the list of industries and business that is suitable for the system:

Event Industry - Schedule Courses, Book tutors
Wellness Industry - Beauty, massage, wellness, TCM and healthcare reservations, Sports, Events, dance, fitness, yoga, Pilates appointment
Events organisers - events, concerts and many more

Type of Bookings.

  • Book by Time slots
  • Book by Venue
  • Book by Employee Preferences
  • Book by Events
  • Book by Date
  • Book by Packages, (e.g one package can have 10 sessions. Each sessions can be tracked and noted by the customer)

Integrated Payment Options: Get your customers to confirm their booking slots by integrating a payment option of Paypal using all credit cards or their personal Paypal account, Bank Transfer or cash on delivery.


Appointment & Event BookingStrive Solutions Services Booking System is created for online service scheduling and appointment management. This web based system has a lot of great features to make your services booking system helpful with the customers.

Event based Bookings

  • Events management: Event Booking allows you to create and manage Events from back-end of your website. You can create both free Event and paid Events. Users will be able to browse for Events and register themselves for this Event from front-end.
  • Nested categories: Capability to allow you to organize your Events cross infinite categories and subcategories.
  • Recurring Option: You can also create recurring (daily, monthly, weekly recurring) Events.
  • Registrant’s management: Event Booking allows you to manage all the registrants from back-end of your site. You can view, edit, or delete registrant. You can also export registrants into CSV format and view it in MS Office program. You can also give permissions for some special users to be able to manage registrants from front-end (to prevent them to access to back-end of your site).
  • Collect registrants information: Capability to collect information of registrants (both individual and group registration) when they register for your Events. You can collect basic information (first name, last name, etc) and any information you want using custom fields.
  • Group and Individual Registration support: Users can register for an Event by individual or for an group. For group registration, users will be able enter necessary information of all members in the group. Furthermore, with group rate setting for each Event, you will be able to give discount for group registration.
  • Registration History: Registrants can login to his account to see registration history and modify registration information if needed.
  • Cancel registration: If the administrator enables this feature, registrants can cancel their registration before a certain date.
  • Prevent duplicate registration: This option prevents a user to register for the same Event twice (can be turned on/off from configuration).
  • Appointment & Event BookingCaptcha support: Captcha can be used on free, paid or both free and paid Events (to prevent spam).
  • Auto reminder feature: Event Booking allows you to setup the reminder feature so that registrants are reminded about the Event before X-days the Event occurs.
  • Social sharing: Integrating Facebook like buttons and other buttons to enhance social sharing. Users can share the Events with other users on social sites. By this way, your Events are more popular and can be visited by many other users.
  • Invite function: The function is integrated so that users can invite their friends to view and register for this Event.
  • Search plug-ins & Modules: To allow Events to be searchable.
  • Confirmation Email message: on Event Edit/New screen. If one of this information is left empty, the default configuration from configuration area will be used.
  • Event Locations management: Event Booking allows you to create and manage locations of Events. When users view an Event from front-end, they can see location information, see this location on google map and get direction to this location using Google map.
  • Autohide - Option to autohide past Events automatically without having to unpublished it.
  • Invoicing feature – generates an invoice for the course booked
  • Customisation (Add-ons)-$$ depends on level of customisation
  • Multiple bookings option: This feature allows registrant to choose register for several Events within one checkout. It works much like a shopping cart system
  • Front-end Events submission: Allows administrators (with right permission) to create Events from front-end of your website.
  • Multi-payment gateways support: Right now, Paypal,, Eway, Worldpay and Offline payment gateway are supported.
  • Newsletter integration: Event Booking integrate with popular newsletter extensions CC Newsletters, Acajoom Newsletters, AcyMailing Newsletters. It allows suscribe registrants into newsletter system so that you can send newsletter to them whenever you want.
  • Deposit payment: Event Booking allows you to setup deposit payment for each Event. That means if you setup deposit amount for an Event (for example, 50%), users will pay 50% total registration fee when they register for Event and the remaining when they come to attend the Event.
  • Mass Mail: With Mass Mail feature, you can send email to all registrants, from back-end of the extension (without having to use a newsletter extension).
  • Waiting List feature: If you set this feature on, when an Event is full, users will be able to enter information to join waiting list. If someone cancels their registration, admin can then email users from waiting list so that they can come and register for the Event.
  • Free and Paid Event support: You can create free or paid Events.  For paid Events, registrants can pay for it via Online Payment gateway : Paypal or
  • Coupon code support: You can create coupon codes from back-end of the extension and send these coupon codes to your customers so that they get discount while registering for your Events. Coupon code can give discount by amount or by percent of total registration cost, can be used for one specify Event or for all Events.
  • (GST) Tax support: Event Booking is now allow you to setup tax rate for Events.
  • Discount: Members discount and Early bird discount options.
  • Content plug-in to display Event detail within Article.
  • Content plug-in to display individual registration form of an Event within an Article.
  • Setting at Event Level: You can set up Paypal account, Notification Emails, Thanks Message, etc.
  • Google Map integration: Event Booking is integrated with Google map to allow registrants to view locations of Events on the map.
  • Custom fields feature: We allow customisation of fields to collect information of registrants (for both individual registration and group member’s information). There is an interesting feature called Custom Field Fee which allow dynamic calculation total price for Event registration based on the options which registrants choose during registration.
  • Multi-languages support: Event Booking is designed to support multi-languages. Administrator can find and modify any language strings from back-end of the extension and translate it to any languages.

Appointment & Event BookingFor time based bookings

  • Responsive and Smart layout with Javascript and Ajax integration
  • Online and Offline Payment Support
  • Manage categories of services and the solution in case you have a lot services- Manage venues and the multiple locations solution
  • Unlimited services and employees support
  • Easy to make the booking and Customer profile
  • Different notification emails
  • Normal working time and custom working time type
  • Easy to filter services by employee or category
  • Pdf invoices
  • Income reporting
  • Flexible timezone
  • Calendars for employees, customers and administrator
  • Order history for customers in the frontend
  • Easy to manage and add/edit booking from backend
  • Repeat appointments in one time range
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Coupon
  • Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users / clients can I have?

Create as many users / clients as you need, there is no maximum. In some views asthetics may dictate how many can be displayed.

How many services or events can I have?

Add as many services / events as you like.

Can I take pre-payments online?

Yes you can. It supports online payments for services through Paypal.

Appointment & Event BookingCan I sync to multiple devices?

Absolutely. It supports Google Calendar integration to share appointments across all devices

Is there a version for my language?

Check if there's a pre-made translation at the User Contributions page. Otherwise translate using the provided language files.

How do I manage appointments?

Appointments can be managed through the front and back end manage diaries interface.

Can clients change their times?

Yes they can if you allow them too. The system includes a front end self service to allow a client to cancel their appointment if it is within your notice period.

Can I customise the views?

Absolutely. Full source code is included so you can modify the views and layouts to suit your requirements

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