Friday, 20 November 2015 21:39

Process Automation

Every year, we have this practice of doing surveys about our clients' and contacts' businesses. We ask them simple questions about the future of their business at a technology perspective and how they think technology will change their industry. There is a reason we did so - a digital tsunami is brewing.

Failure to anticipate or react to competition, technology, strategy or other changes in the marketplace is one of the main cause why many business fails even after running for many years.

When we were doing a research for the service industry, i asked SPA or Hair Salon owners this question, "How do you think your customers will engage you in 5 years time". The answer - Some of the managers have not thought about it. Some said Facebook. So i asked, what if 30 customers are trying to engage you in facebook? how would you coordinate, schedule the therapist, are you available past midnight to take in orders? etc. Clearly there weren't any thought process given in the business process.

Imagine trying to cater to a young, trendy crowd in a community like Singapore where the population is aging. It won’t be long before you find yourself in trouble and tough to catch up.

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Friday, 20 November 2015 18:44

Appointment & Event Booking System

Our online appointments & event booking software helps to simplify the process for your business and your customers. It helps your business to be more efficient, productive and agile. You no longer have to go keep a book or scribble in pieces of paper with booking appointments. The system is entirely customisable according to your business flow and needs. Manage your appointments, confirmations, reminders and payments all through a simple dashboard. The best part is it integrates with your website and is available 24 hours.

Can you imagine generating sales even when you shutters are closed? Customers can book and pay, find available slots, choose a particular service all at the comfort of their home, anytime of the day, anywhere in the world. It is also mobile friendly.

The online booking system automates part of your process, makes your business looks good and professional. Boost your sales and productivity by using our appointments and booking system.

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Facebook, Linked in, Google Apps, Trivago, Ali Baba..What do they all have in common? They were built by a cool breed of people called Coders or Web Developers.

Web Developers, Builders of the internet, they are here to stay and evolve. Hybrid Mobile apps, wearable technology, front-end prorgamming..It would be a dream for some to become one. As a web developer you re-write how internet technology is going to change and disrupt traditional process and methodology.

Web development is one of the most exciting fields in the world right now.  For a career that didn’t exist twenty years ago, it has not only seen astronomical growth and innovation but also, arguably, has produced products that have changed the day-to-day life of ordinary people more than almost any other industry in the last fifty years. Wouldn't you want ot be one?

Professional Web Developer Course