Set-up your e-mail in Microsoft Outlook

This guideline is for valued customers & clients who are hosted with Strive Computers. It shows a step by step procedure to set-up an e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail client that is bundled when you purchase Microsoft Office. Take note that it is NOT Outlook Express

Launch Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003, go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘E-mail Accounts’




Select ‘Add a new e-mail account’






Next, select ‘POP3”


Next fill up the User, Server and Logon information (refer to the welcome e-mail sent from Strive Computers)


After that, click on ‘More Settings’.


Go to ‘Outgoing Server’ folder and check the checkbox.


Click on ‘Test Account Settings’.


You should pass all the test.


Finally you will see the ‘Congratulation’ screen.


You would then receive an email i.e. the test message, in your inbox



Should you still have problems with the set-up, please drop us a mail or call us. Thanks & Good Luck