Set-up your Hotmail & MSN e-mail in Outlook Express

Launch Outlook Express 6 (OE6) - Go to 'Start', 'All Programs', 'Outlook Express'



If you already have an e-mail account, follow all steps

If this is the first time you are using OE6, skip steps 1 to 3


1) Go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘Accounts’



2) Next, go to the ‘Mail’ folder



3) Next click on ‘Add’, ‘Mail…’




4) Next, key in a name you would like others to see you as




5) Next key in your hotmail e-mail address.



6) Next, select  ‘HTTP’ for the incoming server.



7) Next select the service provider i.e. "Hotmail, MSN or others". Take note: for other service provider, you might need to configure the incoming/outgoing server manually.



8) Next, enter your account name which is your e-mail address and your e-mail password



8) Next click ‘Finish’




9) Next click ‘Close’



10) Finally click on ‘Send & Receive’ to get or send e-mails





Done. If you still have difficulties, feel free to contact us. Thanks