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Strive Computers Basic Graphics Design using GIMP - $97


What is GIMP? GIMP, or the GNU Image Manipulation Program to give it its proper name, is a graphics-editing program broadly similar to Adobe Photoshop in terms of functionality. The GIMP is an open source program that can be freely downloaded and installed on most computers.

Target Audience

  • Individuals who would like to design their very own website banners, images, brochures, etc.
  • Students - as a healthy activity, so that they can do something useful on the computer.
  • Owners of an existing website built by another 3rd party.
  • Independent professionals such as Property agents, financial planners, MLM agents who wish to have a professional looking marketing material and manage banners.
  • SMEs and small businesses who wish to cut down the costs of artwork on name cards and brochures.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Layers
  • Functions
  • Creating and Manipulating Images
  • Hands-on Workshop

Course Objectives

After the course, students will be able to:

  • Use GIMP features
  • Create and Modify images
  • Use images on Websites, brochures, etc.
  • Overall, be in a better position to further explore GIMP functions

Course Pre-requisite

A good flair for design would be helpful, it is not compulsory. GIMP is user friendly and has a lot of support from the online community.


1 session (3 hours)

Module Overview

Introduction - covers the GIMP installation and main features that participants will be using the most. Participants will be introduced to various windows, menus, and interface conventions. GIMP has a somewhat different user interface from most other programs, so it helps to get an idea of how its windows and dialog boxes work together and how the menus are structured.

Layers and Manipulation - goes into practical image-editing tasks and tutorials, each cover a different category of image operations layers and drawing, selection, touching up and each one describes a series of different and related techniques.

Projects & Tutorials will test the skills of the participant. They will have to create a flyer and a web banner.


For more information, including group discounts, please call 84822271.

The course is strictly limited to 10 or less seats per session. Please let us know if you wish to have larger attendees. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops with wireless connectivity so that they can practice at home